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At HCR all of our employees have solid backgrounds in concrete raising and leveling. You get the benefit of experience acquired year after year, job after job. Houston Concrete Raising’s portfolio includes many happy residential and commercial clients. References are available for you upon request We lift slabs of all sizes! We can raise and level slabs, correct water pooling and drainage issues, and prevent further settling and cracking by filling the void under your slab. You can count on us to be your local experts for all concrete raising and leveling needs. Your concrete raising/leveling project can be completed in just a few steps!

Step 1: The first step we take when starting your concrete raising project is to strategically drill one inch holes into the section that requires lifting. These allow us to hydraulically fill the spaces underneath your concrete.

Step 2: After the holes have been drilled we setup our equipment. Trucks remain parked while the mudjacking crew maneuvers the pump to the repair site. Armed with the mobile pump, and many lengths of hose, the mudjacking crew can reach just about anywhere

Step 3: A sand-based slurry, infused with Portland cement, is hydraulically pumped through the 1 1/4″ holes to fill voids and raise the settled concrete. As the slurry fills the voids and crevices under the concrete slab, the pressure of the filling begins to raise the concrete. We measure the level at which the concrete slab is raised, ensuring it’s raised enough to make it level with the surrounding slabs.

Step 4: After our mudjacking crew has completed raising your concrete, we insert a plug into each hole, and patch it with new cement. The concrete slab is ready for use immediately. It is recommended, however, to allow the patch material to set-up before use, which typically takes a couple of hours.

We offer services for a variety of concrete slabs: DrivewaySidewalkPool DeckPatioCommercialVoid FillNew Concrete to solve a range of problems with concrete surfaces: uneven sections, sinking, cracking, sagging, settling and uneven concrete sections.