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Why Choose Mudjacking


  • Proven Quickest, Efficient, and Most Effective Controlled Jacking Method of Repairing Sunken Concrete! Less hassle, Less down time. Immediate use, once it is restored and realigned by Traditional Mudjacking.
  • Fully filling Voids before lifting gives proper reinforcement while raising. Modern mudjacking techniques exceed poly by completely, stabilizing beneath hollowed unsafe squares, giving even coverage below and restoring the slabs with continuous support.
  • Foam expansion sets fast. Mounds of polyurethane injection leave pockets / voids. If left open, soil can erode, leading to unstable concrete that is susceptible to extra stress on the slabs structure or foundation. Water, rodents, or insects also can inhabit the space.
  • Professional mudjacking is the most preferred long term solution. Less holes drilled per project. Specialized trade for water erosion issues, unsettled subsoil, sinkholes, & unlevel concrete. A fraction the cost vs. poly lifting. Our warranty is unmatched the industry!
  • More pennies spent and penny sized Injection drill holes needed, in hopes of pumping filler into hollow cavities below the empty, unsupported concrete sections, plus additional hidden poly pumping charges and future costs of removal for foam fill product can incur.
  • Effective for all common concrete surfaces including uneven sidewalks, driveways, porches, patios, pool decks, slabs and commercial concrete pads.
  • Waiting for chemical reaction to occur. If mixed incorrectly can be toxic. As seen, this newest poly system may not raise the uneven concrete enough and/or over lift the panels attempting to jack or level them.
  • Ask the contractor if any of their polyurethane is hazardous in liquid form, before sprayed. Poly foam is not accepted with concrete recycling companies and must be properly disposed of. Know the facts and safety before deciding which method you’ll choose.
  • Our 100% natural Texas stabilized topsoil mixed with cementitious grout offers strong, solid support. Builders use rock, dirt, or sand under concrete and around the foundations for fill. Absolutely no concrete company will pour new concrete on top of poly foam injection.