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Concrete raising and leveling is not a new method for concrete repair. Here at Houston Concrete Raising we differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing quality customer service and building relationships. We are a family owned and operated, locally run company that takes pride in providing quality work at an affordable price. We have been lifting and leveling slabs for over 20 years in the Greater Houston Area. Here at HCR we are your local concrete lifting professionals. We have extensive training and expertise that is unmatched by the competition. Our team has experience leveling thousands of slabs and we have completed all types of projects. Our equipment is time tested and our methods are cutting edge.


Todd Minnis has been a contractor and business owner in the greater Houston area since 1983. That is nearly 35 years! Todd saw the opportunity to bring his expertise into the concrete leveling industry when he saw a large demand for a quality concrete raising and leveling contractor. He attempted to contact a contractor to level his own driveway at his Copperfield home in Houston. He had trouble getting someone to call him back and the ones who called him back could not come out to give an estimate for 2 weeks. Many companies did not answer his call, return his messages, or even show up to the appointment.  Todd saw an opportunity to bring his many years of customer service and contractor experience into the concrete leveling business. He wanted to have an honest concrete leveling company with quick call response times, provide quality, efficient work, and world class customer service and relationships. We want you to be able to tell your friends, family and neighbors about the unmatched experience you had with HCR for years to come.

HCR was born and molded into a company with a mix of customer service focused employees, top of the line equipment and training, cutting edge equipment and process. HCR has leveled thousands of panels all around the Houston area. Here at HCR we do not repair concrete part time. We are your full time concrete raising and leveling professionals. All employees are trained to be concrete raising and leveling experts.


John was born and raised in the greater Houston area and grew up watching his father operate as a small business owner. After graduating from Texas A&M, John decided to move back to Houston. He had experience in commercial landscaping, construction, and traditional concrete pouring, but never had a true passion for the companies he had previously worked for. John quickly saw the opportunity to join the family business and learn concrete raising and leveling from the ground up. John came on as a helper and quickly picked up the trade with hands on experience until he was moved up to foreman. After his first year as a concrete leveling foreman, John had leveled thousands of slabs and moved into doing sales and estimation. John has training and experience with foreman and estimators  within HCR and even flew up to train with one of the largest concrete raising equipment manufacturers in the country HMI. John has knowledge that only comes from both hands on experience as well as thousands of estimates. John continues to study and keep HCR at the cutting edge of technology. When you contact us, John comes out and evaluates your slab to give you a free concrete raising and leveling estimate.