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We raise a variety of commercial slabs and have the equipment and experience to complete even the most difficult commercial concrete raising and leveling projects. We are fully insured and have all the necessary paperwork to fulfill your needs. We only use the most cutting edge mudjacking equipment and have all the safety gear necessary to ensure a professional project. We can raise and level large quantities of sidewalks, parking lots, large commercial complex slabs, street slabs, storefront slabs, warehouse slabs, and even more! We have completed projects for property management companies, apartment complexes, municipalities, engineering firms, small businesses, large industrial facilities, and more!

Having your concrete broken out and replaced could result in multiple days of downtime depending on the size of the project and the contractor. Avoid downtime Do not lose revenue as a result of uneven or cracked concrete. Have your concrete repaired with our concrete injection technology. We can repair your slab while you continue to work.

We offer a free trip hazard report for all commercial properties, apartment complexes, industrial facilities, etc. All you have to do is give us a property address and for no charge we will put together a no obligation trip hazard evaluation. We send a representative to walk you property and document any existing trip hazards. We then send you a report that includes pictures and a price break-down. This can be presented to the decision maker or even at board meetings!

You do not want just any contractor working on your commercial project. Hire the professionals here at Houston Concrete Raising. We have been raising and leveling commercial slabs of all sizes in the Greater Houston Area for over 20 years.