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Has your driveway settled over time and even formed cracks? Often times your driveway is the largest concrete investment outside of your home foundation. Replacing your driveway with traditional concrete pouring can cost thousands of dollars of your hard earned money. It also can involve multiple days of work and your driveway being unusable for days while it dries. Raising your driveway is hassle free compared to traditional replacement, the job is completed within one day and is ready for use in just 3 short hours! Raise it don’t replace it!

Concrete raising and leveling services can be done at a fraction of the cost. Often times you can save upwards of 70% of the cost of replacement. Our cutting edge concrete injection technology stabilizes and compacts the soil underneath your slab to prevent further sinking in the future. This process fills the void under your slab that has formed from years of wear and tear. Driving your vehicles day in and day out on a slab with a void can cause further damage. This prevents further settlement and damage to the slab. Further sinking can result in cracks forming or event he worsening of existing cracks. Raising and leveling your driveway is a cost effective and efficient way to improve the look of your home and even your property value.

Trip hazards on your driveway can also be a danger to your friends, family and neighbors. You could be liable for anyone who trips and is injured on your property. Is your Home Owner’s Association sending you letters and threatening to fine you because of a sinking or settling driveway? Let the professionals at Houston Concrete Raising take care of that for you. We have repaired thousands of driveway slabs for homeowners in the same situation. Whether it is sinking, settling, tree roots, or even if you are unsure contact HCR today for a no obligation consultation and free estimate!

Economical Leveling and Repair Solutions for
Cracked driveways
Uneven driveways
Dipping driveways
Sagging driveways
Sinking driveways
Settling driveways
Hollow space under your driveways
Driveways with trip hazards