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Here at HCR we encourage you to raise it don’t replace it, but sometimes your concrete is too damaged to repair and needs to be broken out and repoured. We offer concrete pouring services to repour your driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, garage floor, commercial slab, and even more!

We use high strength pressure tested concrete in all of our pours. We properly grade and form the area before any concrete touches the ground. Our concrete pours are also supported by ample cross sections of high quality rebar to ensure a long lasting and durable slab.

Unsure if your concrete slab should be repaired or replaced? Give us a call or fill out a request a quote form. We will send out a concrete expert to inspect your concrete slabs and give you a free no-obligation estimate.

Is your concrete slab able to be repaired but you would still prefer a brand new concrete slab? We can even provide you with estimates to repair or replace so you can compare the price and make the decision best for you. Most concrete repair companies cannot offer you estimates for both services and as a result are biased when it comes to repair vs. replacement. At HCR we let you make the decision best for you and your home. Contact us today!