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Your patio can be a very enjoyable place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Often times your patio can sink and develop cracks and uneven surface. This can present a dangerous trip hazard to your friends, family, and neighbors. You do not want to go through seeing someone you know trip and fall on your property not to mention the possible legal ramifications. Your patio slab is a major investment that you should protect. Do not through the hassle of replacement when you can repair your slab. Traditional concrete patio replacement involves a long process of a large concrete crew transporting the old concrete, equipment, and the new concrete across your yard. This can result in unnecessary traffic for days and even damage to your yard. Enjoy your backyard! Fix any uneven or cracked surface on your patio now! Just contact us and we can give you a free no obligation estimate for your patio slab.

Do you have water that sits against your home because of a sinking or settling patio slab? That water over time can wash out the dirt under your home foundation. This can result in a sinking home foundation. Home foundation repair can cost you thousands of dollars and requires days of work to be done inside your home! We can repair your slab and save you over 70% off the cost to replace. Let HCR take care of your sinking patio slab. We properly raise and grade the slab away from your home to allow proper drainage. Call us today or fill out a digital estimate form for your free estimate today!

Economical Leveling and Repair Solutions for
Cracked porches and patios
Uneven porches and patios
Dipping porches and patios
Sagging porches and patios
Sinking porches and patios
Settling porches and patios
Hollow space under your porches and patios
Porches and patios with trip hazards