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Your pool can be a very enjoyable part of your home especially when the weather is warm. It can even add value to your property. A sunken and damaged pool deck can take away from the perks of being a pool owner. Do you have a pool deck that has settled over time and even formed cracks? Your pool deck can sink for a variety of reasons. Erosion, leaks in your system, and tree roots can all result in your pool deck settling over time.

We can raise and stabilize your pool deck to eliminate trip hazards and return your pool to its former glory! Protect your investment by calling us to take a look at your damaged pool deck. Our concrete injection technology stabilizes and compacts the soil under your pool deck to prevent sinking a settling in the future. Are you looking to resurface your pool deck? Always raise and level your pool deck before resurfacing! We can get your pool deck raised and stabilized before you have that new surface put down. If you do not raise and level your pool deck, further sinking and settling can damage any surface that is applied. Don’t rip out your pool deck and pay thousands of dollars to have it replaced! We can save you 70% or more of the cost to replace. Replacing your pool deck involves a lengthy and messy process of a concrete crew running back and forth across your yard to bring break up and remove your existing pool deck and then truck in new concrete. This can result in your yard being torn up and damaged from all the traffic and transport of materials. Even if your pool deck is replaced, the soil may still not be properly compacted and the new pool deck could sink as well. Avoid this costly and stressful process altogether! Call the professionals at Houston Concrete Raising today for a no obligation consultation. We can even come out and give you a free estimate.

Economical Leveling and Repair Solutions for
Cracked pool decks
Uneven pool decks
Dipping pool decks
Sagging pool decks
Sinking pool decks
Settling pool decks
Hollow space under your pool decks
Pool decks with trip hazards