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Do you have one or multiple sidewalk panels on your property that have settled and need to be leveled? The sidewalk in front of and around your home can develope trip hazards for a variety of reasons. Erosion, tree roots, or utility leaks can all result in the settling of your sidewalk slabs. Slabs that have settled can even result in water pooling which creates a slippery sidewalk surface. These trip hazards can pose a risk to you as a homeowner of being liable for your neighbors, family, and friends tripping and injuring themselves.

Traditional sidewalk replacement can be very costly and involves the section that is replaced to be blocked off for days in order for it to properly dry. Concrete raising and leveling is 70% of the cost to replace. We can raise and level your slabs to correct the trip hazards and any water pooling or drainage issues. Our concrete injection process stabilizes the soil underneath your sidewalk and prevents further sinking and settling. The sidewalk is ready for use immediately after the work is completed.

We do even the smallest of projects. Contact us even if you only have one slab that needs repair! Is your Home Owner’s Association sending you letters and threatening to fine you because of sidewalk trip hazards on your property? Don’t wait until it is too late! Call the experts at Houston Concrete Raising and let us repair it for a fraction of the cost of replacement! We have repaired thousands of sidewalk slabs for home owners in the same situation. Unsure if your sidewalk can be repaired? Call us for a no obligation consultation with a concrete expert. We can even come out and give you a free estimate!

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Cracked sidewalks
Uneven sidewalks
Dipping sidewalks
Sagging sidewalks
Sinking sidewalks
Settling sidewalks
Hollow space under your sidewalks
Sidewalks with trip hazards