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Often times large voids can form under your concrete even if no sinking or settling is visible at the surface. You may tell if there is a void under your slab if you can see space under the concrete or even if it sounds hollow. If these voids are not repaired before hand, your concrete can settle and even form large cracks. Preventative maintenance is very important for protecting your slabs and getting value out of your existing concrete. Voids can be caused by erosion, tree roots, even utility leaks We can fill those voids and prevent your slab from any further damage. Repairing a void under your slab can save you thousands in the future by preventing future damage to your concrete which includes sinking and cracking. Preventative maintenance like void filling can insure your concrete remains stable and intact for years to come.

Our cutting edge concrete injection technology pumps a custom grout mixture that fills all the voids under your slab, stabilizes and compacts the soil, and prevents any further sinking, settling, and cracking. Our custom grout mixture dries and hardens under your slab to ensure a long lasting and effective repair. Unsure if there is a void under your slab? Let the experts at HCR come and evaluate your concrete slab. We can provide a free no obligation estimate for any repairs! Do not wait! Protect the thousands of dollars invested in your concrete by filling your void today! You can even call us and speak to a concrete expert who can answer all of your questions.